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April 25, 2010

Wobbly rock - semi final 1

Peanut Brittle Pat - Lobsterman
The heat at Wobbly Rock is almost unbearable as the helicopters register the legendary fight between funny-man Peanut Brittle Pat by paper-benjamin Super Cooper and silent warrior Lobsterman by also young Alexander Gwynne. The polls are against the orange underdog with only one vote (probably his worried mum) in favour, but the audience got to see an intense fight with a surprising outcome. The slish-slashing technique of the fox against the click-clacking pointy scissors of the sea-creature are flashing around like fireworks high up in the sky holding each other in balance for two rounds. Until the heat becomes unbearable for our paper-plated cool ocean pal. His focus slips and so do his feet over the peanut/jelly puke at the dangerous heights of the arena. Being the tallest and favourite didn't help him hold balance ending the match in an clear 5-2 victory for the highly surprised Peanut. We hope to see Lobsterman return for the Big All Warriors Reunite Tournament, since we didn't get to see his ingenious hands shredding paper like it was designed to shred. But like every fight-arena the knock-out game-system is harsh and the poor soul can let the thermal vents of the deep sea heal his wounds upon his return to the limelight that is Paper Fight Club.