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April 25, 2010

Wobbly rock - semi final 2

Octavius - Mammoth
The tension was high for this other semi-final fight the same afternoon. Octavius, foul-mouthed as ever told the press to dine on Mammoths' spine, referring to the known past of his adversary. It costed him his position at the polls with only two votes in his favour. But polls don't always predict the outcome of a fight when it becomes a matter of life and death on top of Wobbly Rock. The previous battle showed that one slip is enough to scatter ambitions and with the battle at hand both realize that fighting in this arena will be more about concentration and not making mistakes than about brutal force. Who will retain his own coolness and control the mind of the other? The warriors go along worthy of each others strength. Greco-Roman Wrestling and the 'Sucks To Be You' Choke-holds of the little Ninja Octopus go against the Illegal, secret below the belt actions of the silent Russian who doesn't seem to feel pain. Even the normally devastating Beak Butt seems to have little effect on the pumped-up by illegal drugs ex-KGB agent. Octavius tries hard to get Mammoth in his most-dreaded final 8 Armed Bodylock, but realizes too late he lost one of his arms at the Atlantian Tournament of Champions. Mammoth easily frees himself turning this bloody and mean fight into his advantage. So the torture begins for Octavius leaving him screaming for his life not realizing anymore Wobbly Rock isn't that big of a stage. Ultimately, after two rounds of searching a way out ends up finding the way down. The warrior claiming to have battled against and won over the King of Killer Whales and the Great Master of Giant Squids falls of the Rock shouting R-Rated words at the silent Russian who watches the 7,5 legged sea-creature falling into oblivion.
Luckily paper never falls hard. We hope to see Octavius back with only his big mouth broken. Well, I mean, only his ego broken would be enough ;)3-5