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March 30, 2010

Cage of fear ringside

Reporter: We're here live with Rise Upper and his coach, Mike P,
after an incredible bout in the "Cage of Fear".Mike P, Rise Upper has just had the fight of his career, are you surprised by the outcome?
Mike P: Haha...Well,it's the first fight of his career and yes. Shambhu is a powerful opponent. I think we saw how evenly matched they
were up until the fifth round.
Reporter: But, the first round...
Mike P: Rise Upper went in fighting. I think he may have amped up his neurons a bit too much. I mean, this was Shambhu: The Stone-Breaker, after all.
Reporter: Did you study your opponent prior to this engagement?
Mike P: Well, we assumed that breaking stone would be his strength...and went from there.
Reporter: Shambhus sweating became a real problem in the fifth round, do you think this is what ultimately lead to his defeat?
Mike P: It's possible. Moisture is also a problem for Rise Upper. It gets in his joints and he locks up if it's not treated promptly.
Reporter: So, What's next for Rise Upper?
Mike P: Well, more training for now. A few things we have to wrap up and then...On to the next fight.
Reporter: Thank you so much Mike P. And congratulations!
Mike P: Thanks. And thanks to our promoter, Zerolabor. He put together a good fight. Remeber kids...RISE UPPER!!!