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March 29, 2010

Big drama at the 5th round

We all have impatiently waited for judgement day at the fighting-walhalla, notoriously known to the world as paper Fight Club. And tonight was the night.Two different styles meeting in a by no means prosy place, fighting each other until a new champion would walk out of the battlefield.The Cage of Fear is the suited arena of elemental fighting and we all were prepared to face the inevitable outcome.Warriors Shambhu and Rise Upper looked at the cage and felt the encouragement of the fans.The auditorium was filled with excited screams as the struggle unfolded round by round, bloody yet clear.For a long time, both fighters couldn't obtain any advantage.Until, at the middle of the 5th round Rise Upper took down his opponent with asudden move, leaving Shambhu unable to stand up in the cage.The Shambhu fans couldn't believe their eyes watching Rise Upper taking up the champion belt.
Since the voting-round ended up in a tie, no-one could predict a winner, which made the club-tickets being sold at the black market at 14 times the original fee.
Tomorrow we try to interview the fighters. When Shambhu has retained consciousness...
Cage of Fear
Round 1/ Shambhu: Stone < Rise Upper:Paper (0:1)
Round 2/ Shambhu: Paper > Rise Upper:Stone (1:1)
Round 3/ Shambhu: Stone = Rise Upper:Stone (2:2)
Round 4/ Shambhu: Scissors = Rise Upper:Scissors (3:3)
Round 5/ Shambhu: Stone < Rise Upper:Paper (3:4)
Fan Voting: Shambhu 16 v.s Rise upper 14