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January 10, 2017

We will back soon!
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July 2, 2010

April 27, 2010

Final statement from Mammoth

To Octavius:
Origin, i wanted to flush you down the toilet where you can join your other friends and where you coming from.Before as a matter of course i would have cut off all your tentacles slowly whit a blunt rusted handsaw (my favorit tool).

But throwing you down the rock was fun too.Especially seeing your wet distorted face hitting the dry dessert ground.

R.I.P. Peanut Brittle Pat: I´ll take your spine with me as a souvenir.I don´t even wanna try to eat it, because it probably causes canine madness.

Im leaving to moscow again, have more important work to do...

April 26, 2010

Mammoth the new champion

Peanut Brittle Pat - Mammoth
An unlikely final fight between the lucky youngster from the United States and the Mean Machine from formerly Eastern Europe. Both winners of the semi-finals and exhausted by it, they start defensive waiting for a chance to surprise the opponent with a definite stroke. But poor Patt is by no means prepared for the nasty and experienced monster-professional and round by round the promised torture builds up without him even getting a chance to leave a single scratch. The fight appears to be uneven and the audience starts shouting for a classic peanut butter and Jelly vomit or at least a glimps of the foxes' hands of steel. But Mammoth keeps his head cool and his actions effective earning him the championbelt of Wobbly Rock.
5-0 Final result

April 25, 2010

Wobbly rock - semi final 2

Octavius - Mammoth
The tension was high for this other semi-final fight the same afternoon. Octavius, foul-mouthed as ever told the press to dine on Mammoths' spine, referring to the known past of his adversary. It costed him his position at the polls with only two votes in his favour. But polls don't always predict the outcome of a fight when it becomes a matter of life and death on top of Wobbly Rock. The previous battle showed that one slip is enough to scatter ambitions and with the battle at hand both realize that fighting in this arena will be more about concentration and not making mistakes than about brutal force. Who will retain his own coolness and control the mind of the other? The warriors go along worthy of each others strength. Greco-Roman Wrestling and the 'Sucks To Be You' Choke-holds of the little Ninja Octopus go against the Illegal, secret below the belt actions of the silent Russian who doesn't seem to feel pain. Even the normally devastating Beak Butt seems to have little effect on the pumped-up by illegal drugs ex-KGB agent. Octavius tries hard to get Mammoth in his most-dreaded final 8 Armed Bodylock, but realizes too late he lost one of his arms at the Atlantian Tournament of Champions. Mammoth easily frees himself turning this bloody and mean fight into his advantage. So the torture begins for Octavius leaving him screaming for his life not realizing anymore Wobbly Rock isn't that big of a stage. Ultimately, after two rounds of searching a way out ends up finding the way down. The warrior claiming to have battled against and won over the King of Killer Whales and the Great Master of Giant Squids falls of the Rock shouting R-Rated words at the silent Russian who watches the 7,5 legged sea-creature falling into oblivion.
Luckily paper never falls hard. We hope to see Octavius back with only his big mouth broken. Well, I mean, only his ego broken would be enough ;)3-5

Wobbly rock - semi final 1

Peanut Brittle Pat - Lobsterman
The heat at Wobbly Rock is almost unbearable as the helicopters register the legendary fight between funny-man Peanut Brittle Pat by paper-benjamin Super Cooper and silent warrior Lobsterman by also young Alexander Gwynne. The polls are against the orange underdog with only one vote (probably his worried mum) in favour, but the audience got to see an intense fight with a surprising outcome. The slish-slashing technique of the fox against the click-clacking pointy scissors of the sea-creature are flashing around like fireworks high up in the sky holding each other in balance for two rounds. Until the heat becomes unbearable for our paper-plated cool ocean pal. His focus slips and so do his feet over the peanut/jelly puke at the dangerous heights of the arena. Being the tallest and favourite didn't help him hold balance ending the match in an clear 5-2 victory for the highly surprised Peanut. We hope to see Lobsterman return for the Big All Warriors Reunite Tournament, since we didn't get to see his ingenious hands shredding paper like it was designed to shred. But like every fight-arena the knock-out game-system is harsh and the poor soul can let the thermal vents of the deep sea heal his wounds upon his return to the limelight that is Paper Fight Club.

April 20, 2010

Octavius Speaks

My fellow combatants,

I understand the courage one must possess in order to enter into battle against me. And, I concede, it is most certainly for this courage that you shall be remembered, long after your inevitable defeats. For I have already crushed the King of Killer Whales and bested the Great Master of Giant Squids. For I am Champion of the Seas. For I have laid waste to all those who have dared to think they could challenge me.

I will put an end to you.

I now give you this one chance to give up and go home. Do so, and, at the very least, you can go on living your pathetic lives. Otherwise, the following fates await you :

Peanut Brittle Pat - Do you know what my favorite kind of sandwich is? It's a peanut butter, jelly, and Pat sandwich.
Mammoth - You think you know torture? Just wait until I am done with you. I will dine upon the broken remains of your spine.
Lobsterman - I have dealt with your kind in the past. I have feasted upon their succulent flesh. Once you are defeated, I will boil you alive and delight in your agony.
The decision is yours.

Octavius has spoken

April 18, 2010

Lobsterman is coming!

Under the sea there is a civalisation of lobster people that thrive from the heat of the thermal vents. Now one of these creatures has come to the serfice to win the paper fight club!!!

Octavius - Champion Of The Seas

Victorious at the Atlantian Tournament of Champions, Octavious has come to the Paper Fight Club to prove, once and for all, that he is not only the best fighter below the surface of the sea, but above it as well. A master of Greco-Roman wrestling, he utilizes the "Sucks To Be You" Choke-hold and the always devastating Beak Butt to subdue his opponents before employing his signature finishing move : The 8 Armed Bodylock. A move which, to this day, no fighter has ever escaped.

East (Europe) Side - Mammoth

A giant, trained as a russian underground agent.
He loves to get answers from enemies by torturing them.
His reputation "eats your spine for breakfast" does have a real reference, back in 1999.

Cute Killer - Peanut Brittle Pat

1. He was born a sharp peanut.
2. Don't worry! I will make him!
3. He's like Shambhu, he has fists of steel. Except, he scrapes, doesn't crush.
4. Make sure you don't talk to him. He vomits Peanut Butter and Jelly mixed together. Ewwwwww!

Grand Canyon Event

Top of the fight!

March 30, 2010

Cage of fear ringside

Reporter: We're here live with Rise Upper and his coach, Mike P,
after an incredible bout in the "Cage of Fear".Mike P, Rise Upper has just had the fight of his career, are you surprised by the outcome?
Mike P: Haha...Well,it's the first fight of his career and yes. Shambhu is a powerful opponent. I think we saw how evenly matched they
were up until the fifth round.
Reporter: But, the first round...
Mike P: Rise Upper went in fighting. I think he may have amped up his neurons a bit too much. I mean, this was Shambhu: The Stone-Breaker, after all.
Reporter: Did you study your opponent prior to this engagement?
Mike P: Well, we assumed that breaking stone would be his strength...and went from there.
Reporter: Shambhus sweating became a real problem in the fifth round, do you think this is what ultimately lead to his defeat?
Mike P: It's possible. Moisture is also a problem for Rise Upper. It gets in his joints and he locks up if it's not treated promptly.
Reporter: So, What's next for Rise Upper?
Mike P: Well, more training for now. A few things we have to wrap up and then...On to the next fight.
Reporter: Thank you so much Mike P. And congratulations!
Mike P: Thanks. And thanks to our promoter, Zerolabor. He put together a good fight. Remeber kids...RISE UPPER!!!

March 29, 2010

Big drama at the 5th round

We all have impatiently waited for judgement day at the fighting-walhalla, notoriously known to the world as paper Fight Club. And tonight was the night.Two different styles meeting in a by no means prosy place, fighting each other until a new champion would walk out of the battlefield.The Cage of Fear is the suited arena of elemental fighting and we all were prepared to face the inevitable outcome.Warriors Shambhu and Rise Upper looked at the cage and felt the encouragement of the fans.The auditorium was filled with excited screams as the struggle unfolded round by round, bloody yet clear.For a long time, both fighters couldn't obtain any advantage.Until, at the middle of the 5th round Rise Upper took down his opponent with asudden move, leaving Shambhu unable to stand up in the cage.The Shambhu fans couldn't believe their eyes watching Rise Upper taking up the champion belt.
Since the voting-round ended up in a tie, no-one could predict a winner, which made the club-tickets being sold at the black market at 14 times the original fee.
Tomorrow we try to interview the fighters. When Shambhu has retained consciousness...
Cage of Fear
Round 1/ Shambhu: Stone < Rise Upper:Paper (0:1)
Round 2/ Shambhu: Paper > Rise Upper:Stone (1:1)
Round 3/ Shambhu: Stone = Rise Upper:Stone (2:2)
Round 4/ Shambhu: Scissors = Rise Upper:Scissors (3:3)
Round 5/ Shambhu: Stone < Rise Upper:Paper (3:4)
Fan Voting: Shambhu 16 v.s Rise upper 14

March 22, 2010

News Falsh Shambhu interview
Shambhu working in the quarry of family from since had a year.
Shambhu does breakfast with milk and stones immersed inside.
Shambhu dinner with bread and stones.
Shambhu sleep in three beds, the middle one for him and two doubles for punching.
Shambhu has hands of iron and balls of steel.
Shambhu is always very pissed ..

March 21, 2010

GO Rise Upper GO!

Because he refused to be a pawn for profit, Neon Neuron was left to scrap and rust. Now he rises up to stop the evil and tyranny of those who would use the weak and helpless for selfish gain. Neon on line...RISE UPPER!

Special place for special experiences!

Inside the cage, no mercy, no pain, JUST FIGHT!

Here comes the Neonneuron kid!

Mike P. created RISE UPPER for the next battle.
What do you think about the odds?

March 13, 2010

Shambhu waiting for You and yOu and yoU!

We need fighters for the first championship!
Show me what you have, show me what you can do!

March 10, 2010

First Champ of Paper Fight Club!

In the highly anticipated and thrilling promo-fight at Ultra Fight Night at the recently opened and packed Paper Fight Club arena, Oempf won the battle from challenger Wu Xing, coming from fight-promoter and host Zerolabor. It wasn't an easy win: after 5 seemingly endlessly sweaty rounds throwing rocks, paper and scissors at each other the battle ended up in a 'Tie'. After that, the jury had to pick the winner and dubbel-counted the last round, in which Oempf pounded down a subtle paper, causing him the surprise win over Xing's rock. "Who would have thought Oempf to win this tactical way?" the surprised and exhausted 3Eyedbear-trainer Maarten Janssens told the audience. "We trained Oempf to go into the battle pounding down on his respected adversary, never giving Wu the chance to call upon his feared Phoenix-spell. Because for Oempf, being created out of paper, the flames cóuld have meant an attack on his Achilles-heel. And he did, but paper never has been Oempfs style at all. He shocked us all, but luckily in a victorious way :)". Wu was surprised too: "I counted on Oempf to go blind of anger and losing his focus around the 5th round for me to have him upper-cutted with rock, but I never expected that bloody sheet of straightened-out origami. I feel ashamed, but hope to face Oempf again when the réal tournament begins". "Me CRUNCH!" was all of Oempf's reaction. We didn't dare ask for more...
Oempf now is officially Paper Fight Club's champion, defending the Belt at the next tournament. Then 16 of the best paper fighter's will battle against each other in a thrilling knock-out system until one warriors remains standing.

March 8, 2010

Let the fighting begin!

Thát pink wabbit? Ahr, Hmf, me CRUNCH!

3Eyedbear trainer:"This will be another walk in the park :) We hope Mister Xing is insured. Even wé can't control Oempf enough to have him stop pounding him down untill his fists will reach the arena-floor. Seriously, flames? Oempf is too stupid to even notice he will be on fire if we let him out of his cage and let him do what he does best. We will bring a bucket of water though, just to be sure..."

February 14, 2010

Wu Xing the pink shaolin rabbit

Wu Xing: I'm ready for the Ultra Fight Night competition. I'm too old to lose this fight.
Hey Dude, are you ready?