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March 10, 2010

First Champ of Paper Fight Club!

In the highly anticipated and thrilling promo-fight at Ultra Fight Night at the recently opened and packed Paper Fight Club arena, Oempf won the battle from challenger Wu Xing, coming from fight-promoter and host Zerolabor. It wasn't an easy win: after 5 seemingly endlessly sweaty rounds throwing rocks, paper and scissors at each other the battle ended up in a 'Tie'. After that, the jury had to pick the winner and dubbel-counted the last round, in which Oempf pounded down a subtle paper, causing him the surprise win over Xing's rock. "Who would have thought Oempf to win this tactical way?" the surprised and exhausted 3Eyedbear-trainer Maarten Janssens told the audience. "We trained Oempf to go into the battle pounding down on his respected adversary, never giving Wu the chance to call upon his feared Phoenix-spell. Because for Oempf, being created out of paper, the flames cóuld have meant an attack on his Achilles-heel. And he did, but paper never has been Oempfs style at all. He shocked us all, but luckily in a victorious way :)". Wu was surprised too: "I counted on Oempf to go blind of anger and losing his focus around the 5th round for me to have him upper-cutted with rock, but I never expected that bloody sheet of straightened-out origami. I feel ashamed, but hope to face Oempf again when the réal tournament begins". "Me CRUNCH!" was all of Oempf's reaction. We didn't dare ask for more...
Oempf now is officially Paper Fight Club's champion, defending the Belt at the next tournament. Then 16 of the best paper fighter's will battle against each other in a thrilling knock-out system until one warriors remains standing.